Our Sustainability Policy

The LimeTree Hotel believes that being socially aware and eco-friendly are important traits of responsible and sustainable tourism. We are committed to the development of a more sustainable future through our business.

1. Products and Services
In collaboration with our hotel guests and partners i.e. suppliers, vendors, contractors, interest groups and other agencies, we aim to develop a sustainable future by creating solutions and services to solve social and environmental problems and to enhance our guests' stay experience. This includes our support and usage of compostable and bio-degradable products in the hotel. 
2. Workplace and Local Communities
We believe in providing fair opportunities and comfortable working environment to all our employees who share our business philosophy and mission statement. The LimeTree values the local, diverse cultures and contributes to the development of the local community, with planned corporate social responsbility initiatives (CSR). 

3. Supply Chain
We are aware of the impact of our business and its activities on the environment and society. Therefore, we are will work with our suppliers to operate in a responsible manner for procurement.

4. Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation
The LimeTree ensures full compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. Effort will be put in to meet or exceed good environmenal practices by collaborating with international organizations, NGOs, the government, employees, guests and other industry players. 

5. Human Resources and Innovation
We will foster a collaborative culture to maximize the expertise and abilities of all employees. We will also provide opportunities for career development to create professionals who bring about changes in society and who create innovative solutions to solve global problems.

6. Environmental Policy 
We are committed to nurturing our staff to care and protect for our environment by creating a cleaner and greener environment. Continuous efforts are done to be more energy-efficient and to improve our environmental management through the practice of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle."